Cabro Swissies

Our home..... nestled in the hills of Berks County, Pennsylvania, consists of ten plus acres of land quite suitable for the "Swissies" and myself. Having been an experienced "horse person", in the American Quarter Horse industry, my children grown with families of their own, I chose to change my "passion", from horses to dogs. 

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog "fit the bill".  They are a working breed of dog, large in size, very majestic and the perfect color combinations of black, brown, and white.

Since being a member in good standing with the National Greater Swiss Mountain Club of America, and the Chesapeake and Potomac Greater Swiss Mountain Club, I am also a member of the Middle Atlantic Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club, and was awarded the prestigious American Kennel Club Silver Bred By Exhibitor Medallion in the year 2008. I am now also an AKC Breeder of Merit for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.


Carol Gehret

  Cabro Swissies


Lackawanna Kennel Club win 7/24/2014